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    How to Be a Roman

    The monthly magazine ADESSO – the only Italian language magazine in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – published an article about how Romans are and how, by following our lessons, we can be real Romans…

    Writing in all languages of the world

    Emails, articles essays: each text a style with its rules. Starting on 16 March, the course aims to enhance writing skills and techniques based on standard patterns suitable for any kind of language.

    Shakespeare speaks Italian at Villa Borghese

    One of the most beautiful parks of Rome every summer turns, at least in part, into a theater. And not just into any theater…

    Welcome to Rome! Italian courses for newcomers!

    You often attend a language course because then you go on holiday or for business in the country where that language is spoken. You believe to be able to talk about, however already at the airport arrivals the opposite happens. You talk and … nothing happens. It seems that nobody understands you…

    Percorso del sabato

    This year also, many people have participated at the “Percorso del sabato”. The day was pleasant, many of them were for the first time, and we believe that it was a mutual pleasure meeting new people and a new method of teaching.
    Following the requests from some participants, we propose a new course for this summer.


    WDR for the competition “Kennstdu Denkstdu” chooses Percorsi d’Italiano for the week in Rome with the winner Andrea Bialek.


    The Tools team guest of our school for a mini-course on the online service Clilstore

    Embassy of Sweden

    The Swedish embassy in Rome, in collaboration with Italian Giammarco Raponi, is reading ‘Le bianche braccia della signora Sorgedahl’ by Lars Gustavsson.

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