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    The voices of the cinema

    Do you like Italian cinema and would like to elaborate the subject? You don’t know much about it and would like to learn about it? The voices of the cinema is a course that answers these two questions. In addition, the course includes a list of light and fun films that, at the same time, tell about the current situation in Italy. A country, we could say, that through the cinema tells about itself with great irony. We will tell the stories of the characters, the plots and the storylines , we will analyze some scenes, we will discuss them together and, since the word voice reminds us of the sound of words, we will focus on this in order to consolidate the language.

    Contents: light and funny films.

    Options: watching the film at home, following discussion / conversation and then exercises to consolidate grammatical knowledge.

    Results: the participants will mainly learn how to converse through an appropriate language depending on the context.


    5 lessons of two hours each, from 7 January to 4 February 2020, € 125

    Registration course: until 5 January 2020

    Times: 6:00-8:00pm

    Day: Tuesday

    Language level: intermediate

    One response to “The voices of the cinema”

    1. John F Coates says:

      I was fortunate to be in Rome to take a very short part of the course, “The Voices of the Cinema” with Giammarco Raponi at Percorsi d’Italiano. The director of the school was kind enough to allow me to participate in three sessions, since I was in Rome only three weeks.

      First of all, the films that Giammarco selected were excellent, and he made sure that I was able to view each one before attending class, either by DVD or streaming. The discussion in class was absorbing and at a high level, and I looked forward to being there to be involved with learning about classic movies. The interaction with Giammarco and he other students was very important for my language leaning, and I feel that I made great strides in even a short time – and the subject fascinated me.

      When I left the course before it had finished, Giammarco gave me a list of the subsequent films in the series, so I now have my homework, literally.

      This is an excellent course; I recommend it highly for a student of Italian, intermediary to advanced.

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