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  • Learning by doing

    Italian you need

    This course is suitable for all those who want or need to learn Italian for everyday life.

    Thanks to a simple and effective method with classroom and on-the-move lessons, every student will learn how to interact in common situations.

    At the end of the course each participant will be able to:

    • Grocery shop at the supermarket or to the market
    • Go for a coffee at the bar
    • Order in a restaurant
    • Read newspapers
    • Use public transportation and get around the city
    • Shopping … and much more!
    Start: all year Start: all year
    Days: from Monday to Friday Days: from Monday to Friday
    Times: flexible Times: flexible
    Lessons: flexible Lessons: 15 hours in a week
    Levels: all Levels: all
    Fees: 36€ per hour Fees: 30€ per hour


    Course dates:

    9th January-8th February 2024

    13th February-14th March 2024

    Days: Tuesday and Thursday
    Times: 10-12pm or 5-7pm
    Lessons: 20 hours in 5 weeks
    Levels: all
    Fees: 300€ per person (3-6 participants)

    Percorsi d´Italiano
    Viale della Piramide Cestia,55 - 00153 Roma
    P.iva: 11715151004