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    Rome sweet Rome

    Rome sweet Rome is a conversation course and is part of our learning-on-the-move methodology. We will take in some of the oldest and most important cafes in Rome. The idea is simple: when we meet for a coffee – and maybe even for a dessert – we’ll talk about everything: news, television, a concert, a movie we saw or that unfortunately we missed. We’ll talk about everything that you cannot find in grammar books. We will give you information on programs, dramas, actors, presenters, sportsmen, or maybe just a suggestion where to eat a good pizza, all in Italian of course.

    5 lessons of two hours each from 20th March to 17th April 2024, € 150

    Registration course: until 13th March 2024 (3-6 participants)

    Times: 10:30am-12:30pm (elementary and intermediate level), 5:30-7:30pm (elementary and intermediate level).

    Day: Wednesday

    Percorsi d´Italiano
    Viale della Piramide Cestia,55 - 00153 Roma
    P.iva: 11715151004