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Percorsi d’Italiano has worked for years with various Embassies in Rome. The experience allows us allows us to offer a very valuable and efficient course dedicated exclusively to diplomats and their family members.

The course is designed in a dynamic way. The teaching materials, in fact, are prepared taking into account what happens in the political, economic and institutional world. The material, which is renewed in parallel with the most significant events, and is supported by articles in print, on the web, written interviews and videos; with comments, exercises and conversations.

The courses take place during the day, at the time and location chosen by the participants at no additional cost.

  • Start: all year
  • Times: flexible
  • Levels: all
  • Cost:
    • € 36 per hour for 1 person
    • € 40 per hour for 2 people
    • € 45 per hour for 3 people
    • € 50 per hour for 4 people
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