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The learning-on-the-move methodology

Our learning-on-the-move methodology is innovative, clear and accessible. The main characteristic is that it takes place outdoors. Teaching and learning the Italian language while walking through the landmarks that make Italy the eternal city, this is the most remarkable aspect.


Percorsi della domenica

The Percorso della domenica is part of our on-the-move methodology and our special way of teaching the Italian language.


How to Be a Roman

Romans are sociable, hospitable and lovers of traditions. On Sundays they like to take a trip with friends and family to Castelli Romani or go shopping at the market near Circus Maximus.


No additional registration fees to the price of the course chosen


Lessons lasting just 60 minutes


Group courses involve a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 participants


We use teaching materials created on the real needs of the student and included in the cost


With the innovative learning-on-the-move methodology, we practice the language we teach


At the end of the course, you will receive a course certificate

Who we are

“Giuliana Raimondi Graduated with a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures. She started her career in Germany and Switzerland, where she worked with numerous companies, cultural institutions and universities. Her vast experience consolidated her competence in intercultural communication and helped to develop the innovative learning-on-the-move methodology. In 2003 she founded Percorsi d’Italiano in Rome.”

Giuliana RaimondiLaureata in Lingue e letterature straniere

“Graduated with a degree in Modern Philology. He worked for years with book reviews for an online newspaper, as well as working in the publishing sector until he obtained the DITALS Level I Diploma, and started working with Percorsi d’Italiano.”

Giammarco RaponiLaureato in Filologia moderna


Lizzy Bourassa
Lizzy Bourassa
I have taken many Italian classes in Italy and PERCORSI D'ITALIANO was by far the best school I attended. Their approach is very personalised, geared to the student's proficiency. I took individual classes and concluded that a class focusing on my needs is far better than the group classes I had taken previously, as the groups were rarely homogenous in their knowledge of Italian. Even the learning material is prepared according to the student's particular needs. Giuliana is an experienced, well organised and super competent teacher as well as a delightful person. The classes were pure joy and I learned so much. Even on the 'percorsi' walking tour/class, the focus is on learning new vocabulary and making stops to do simple exercises. I hope to return someday and continue perfecting my Italian in this effective and most enjoyable way. I highly recommend Percorsi d'Italiano to anyone looking for a great learning experience. Lisanne Bourassa, Montreal, Canada
Byron Werner (byronwernerdp)
Byron Werner (byronwernerdp)
If you are thinking about learning Italian or you already know some Italian you have come to the right place. I did an intensive one on one class over a week with Giuliana and it was amazing. She tailors the course to your level and challenges you the whole time. She asked me to prepare some ideas on a topic and then we had many interesting conversations in Italian. They were always challenging, and I learned so much. She’s very good at correcting you when necessary, but not correcting every single little thing that makes it impossible to talk. Not only did we work together in a classroom type environment, she took me out and I was able to go to a café and a market and a store and walk around Rome and really immerse myself with her while speaking Italian. I honestly can’t wait to do my next class with her.
Helen Wilson
Helen Wilson
Giuliana is an absolutely magnificent teacher. She is so patient, so kind, and so encouraging. I had lots of Italian grammar and vocabulary in my head, but I couldn’t speak a word of it. She gently helped me to be able to speak, and she really boosted my confidence. It is a real talent to be able to encourage and at the same time gently correct someone who is trying to learn a new language. she is a wonderful teacher.
Johanna Steigenberger
Johanna Steigenberger
Ich wollte im Rahmen eines Rom-Aufenthalts meine Italienischkenntnisse festigen und besser sprechen lernen. Dazu habe ich mich an diese Schule gewendet - ich habe sehr rasch eine sehr sympathische Antwort bekommen und hatte gleich das Gefühl, verstanden zu werden. Der Vorschlag war wirklich perfekt für mich: Giuliana hat mit mir Spaziergänge in ganz neue, mir unbekannte Winkel von Rom unternommen, jeden Tag etwas anderes. Dazu jeweils passende Wortschatzübungen, Sprechen, Präsentieren, das Gesehene erklären ... Es war sehr unterhaltsam und ich habe auf diese Weise nicht nur die Sprache sondern auch die Stadt ganz neu kennen gelernt. Mir hat das sehr viel Spaß gemacht. Die Stunden mit Giuliana waren eine absolute Bereicherung für meinen Aufenthalt und ich komme sicher wieder.

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