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Percorsi d’Italiano

Our learning-on-the-move methodology is innovative, clear and accessible. The main characteristic is that it takes place outdoors. Teaching and learning the Italian language while walking through the landmarks that make Italy the eternal city, this is the most remarkable aspect.

Rome is a city of ancient stories, legends and myths; and has been able to reinvent itself over and over again. Rome has thrived in the Middle Ages, during the Renaissance, the Baroque period, and even in this modern age.

As the Pyramid, within walking distance from our school, the learning-on-the-move methodology allows you to watch the same place from different angles. This means one simple thing: you can make more classes in the same place.

It is essentially a chance to learn the Italian language in the most beautiful and oldest districts in the city, in the ruins of imperial Rome, in the most picturesque squares or simply while enjoying a cup of coffee in a typical bar.

In a nutshell, why our method:

  • Because I see, I learn and memorize
  • Because I learn new words and new phrases and use them, so I speak Italian immediately
  • Because, to tell the truth, having classes in the streets, squares, palaces, Roman markets is much more fun than being in a classroom


Look at our “Learning-on-the-move” methodology:

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