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Percorsi d’Italiano

Italian is a language full of rules and rich in words, but our teachers know well how to propose it to students in a simple and pleasant way. It is your obligation to prepare personalized teaching programs based on the real needs of each participant. All Percorsi d’Italiano professors are licensed, have a certified glothoding training and can boast years of experience in teaching, both in Italy and abroad. They collaborate with embassies, cultural entities, religious institutes, international institutions and with those who come to Italy to work or for a pleasure trip.

Giuliana Raimondi

With a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, she has acquired her experience in Germany and Switzerland, where she has collaborated with numerous companies, cultural entities and university institutions, which has allowed her to consolidate her competence in intercultural communication within the international scope and develop the innovative learning-on-the-move methodology.

In 2003 he founded in Rome Percorsi d’Italiano.

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Giammarco Raponi

Bachelor in Modern Philology, for years he deals with books, makes the review of some books in an online newspaper (online) and worked in editorial activity until he obtained the level I DITALS certification for teaching Italian to foreigners and has begun to collaborate with Percorsi d’Italiano.

Doctorate student of research in literary text sciences and historical sources with specialization in Italian Historical and Literary Studies at the University of Cassino Studies.


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