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Shakespeare speaks Italian at Villa Borghese

One of the most beautiful parks of Rome every summer turns, at least in part, into a theater. And not just into any theater. It turns into the Globe Theatre. Not the real one, of course, but a true reconstruction. In fact, it is a model made entirely of wood that is inspired by the model still preserved today in London.

The great actor Gigi Proietti is responsible for the artistic direction. It starts in early July with Romeo and Juliet and ends in August with Much Ado About Nothing.

As far as we are concerned, Villa Borghese is one of the places that we like best. It is not a coincidence that, thanks to our learning-on-the-move methodology we do many lessons in the villa. Indeed, in the early days of September an Italian course will start. It is called Memories of Roman villas: we will visit and make lessons in the most meaningful villas of Rome.

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