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The Percorso della domenica is part of our on-the-move methodology and our special way of teaching the Italian language. The school offers the opportunity to participate in small group lessons lasting about two hours in some hidden corners of Rome, allowing you to know and appreciate the scenery, art, history and tradition of Rome. Above all, it is a fun and easy way to interact with other people in a group, while using the language in real world scenarios, and on the move!

The percorsi are appropriate for all proficiency levels and costs only €10 per person.

The next percorso will be on 15th September at 11.00 am.

Topic of the Percorso“San Saba, Percorsi d’Italiano’s district”.

Meeting point Piazza Remuria.

Please confirm your participation until 14th September.

In case of rain, please contact 347 6265126 at 9.00am on 15th September.

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