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Online Italian Courses: Learning Italian Online

Percorsi d’italiano offers you the ability to learn Italian online with our Online Italian lessons via distance learning. All of the aspects of learning Italian in class are provided using video and audio so that you interact with the instructor directly. It’s like being here in the classroom. Travel to Italy and join us here in Rome via your computer. The benefit to learning Italian online with our instructors is that you get mother-tongue Italian teachers who reside in the country. What better than learning Italian from Italians living in Italy?

Learning a new language is a journey (percorso) of constant discovery.
At Percorsi d’Italiano, we offer custom language courses to take students beyond the mere assimilation of grammar rules. Students come into direct contact with everyday life in Italy, through both practical and cultural experiences.
As well as offering our unique, tailor-made programmes, featuring our proprietary learning-on-the-move methodology, we also offer courses in Italian for business use.
At the end of the course,  students receive a report, evaluating their work.
The advantages of our courses:

  • Lessons of just 60 minutes. 
  • No registration fee.
  • Teaching materials included in the cost.
  • Group courses involve a minimum of five and a maximum of ten participants.

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Now you’re free to learn Italian online without having to leave your home.

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