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    Dogs and Cats

    Is it true that Italians are very concerned with appearances and are very individualistic? Are the Finns really so cold as people say? What are the strengths of the sense of humor of the Norwegians? What are the worst defects of the Italians? And the best qualities, for example, of the Germans?

    But why shall we argue like cats and dogs? Let’s talk. Indeed, talk and discuss and, if you do it, overturn the stereotypes in Dogs and Cats, our new course of conversation.

    It is a really unique course, because it relies entirely on interculturalism and on the active collaboration of the students. Yes, because it will be your ideas, your questions and your curiosity to do the course programme. The teacher, after making you practice your Italian, to explain grammar and confront you, will be the moderator.

    Come and tell us the customs of your country and compare with those of others. Starting with the habits of Italians, good ones and bad ones. You will learn and let us know the best sides of your country. And why not? Even the worst ones.

    8 lessons of two hours each, from 9 January to 27 February 2017, € 200

    Registration course: until 5 January 2017, mail to info@percorsiditaliano.it or call 347 6265126.

    Times: 6:00-8:00pm (intermediate level)

    Day: Monday

    It is possible to organize the course for the elementary level in the morning or in the afternoon on Tuesdays or Thursdays, time to be defined.

    One response to “Dogs and Cats”

    1. John F Coates says:

      I was fortunate to be in Rome to take a very short part of the course, “The Voices of the Cinema” with Giammarco Raponi at Percorsi d’Italiano. The director of the school was kind enough to allow me to participate in three sessions, since I was in Rome only three weeks.

      First of all, the films that Giammarco selected were excellent, and he made sure that I was able to view each one before attending class, either by DVD or streaming. The discussion in class was absorbing and at a high level, and I looked forward to being there to be involved with learning about classic movies. The interaction with Giammarco and he other students was very important for my language leaning, and I feel that I made great strides in even a short time – and the subject fascinated me.

      When I left the course before it had finished, Giammarco gave me a list of the subsequent films in the series, so I now have my homework, literally.

      This is an excellent course; I recommend it highly for a student of Italian, intermediary to advanced.

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