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    Memories of Roman Villas

    The hot summer has just finished and we are looking for cooler weather in some of the most important villas of Rome, which we will visit.
    We wanted to give a particular title for this course, where the term ‘memory’ is the key word for two simple reasons.
    The first is that the villas have a historical memory, and therefore contain all the elements – architectural, historical and artistic – that can be used as material for conversation.
    The second concerns the memory in a literal sense. Working on language exercises – writing and speaking – is certainly the best way to memorize grammatical rules and to use the language.

    5 lessons of two hours each, from 22 September to 20 October 2016, € 125
    Times: 6:30-8:30pm (intermediate level)
    Day: Thursday
    Course location: a detailed program will follow

    One response to “Memories of Roman Villas”

    1. Christian Bareau says:

      Sono stato felice di partecipare a questo nuovo programma di corsi-percorsi “Memorie di Ville Romane”, in un ambiante rilassato ma tuttavia studioso.
      Grazie a Gianmarco, il nostro professore, di cui i corsi, sempre molto preparati, ci hanno permesso di progedire nella lingua di Dante, e che ci ha fatto approfittare delle sue conscenze della Città di Roma.

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